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Across Education

All schools, not just charter schools, should prioritize BUILDING and sustaining OPPORTUNITIES ALIGNED TO COMMUNITIES’ STATED NEEDS.

Centering communities creates new opportunities for collaboration across educational sectors that can benefit more students. Authorizing has learned a lot about how to create quality options, at scale, with necessary autonomies and strong accountability that has applicability in and beyond charter schools.

Organizations and stakeholders responsible for ensuring school quality must teach and learn from each other to develop more effective approaches to community-responsive schooling.

From our plan
Over the next three years, NACSA will listen and respond to the needs of communities to:

Codify exemplary policy and practice approaches to oversight in authorizing and describe their applicability in and beyond the charter sector

Amplify exemplars across educational contexts where strong approaches to oversight are already happening

Launch a task force of authorizing, district, nonprofit and community leaders to work together to strengthen performance management and oversight